The First Innovation In Deicing In Over 40 years

Adding the 360 Oscillating Attachment to a single Deicer will reduce the number of deicers needed and save thousands in operating costs!

Cut Costs & Save Thousands per Year in Operating Costs with Our 360 Oscillator. Weeders Digest has taken traditional de-icing to the next level by developing the 360 Degree Oscillating Attachment. This Innovative product is compatible with all Kasco & Scott Aerator deicers & water circulators. Buy the complete set-up with your choice of deicer, or add the Oscillator to your existing deicers!


1/2 hp Sling Mounted Deicer maintains
a 50′ Diameter area of open water
1/2 hp Dock Mounted Deicer maintains
a 25′ x 50’area of open water
1/2 hp with 360 Oscillator maintains a
100′ Diameter area of open water

Features / Benefits of the 360 Oscillating Attachment:

  • Rotates your de-icer automatically up to 360 degrees
  • Compatible with Kasco & Scott de-icers
  • Fabricated from alloy aluminum
  • Tested at minus 28 degrees
  • Operates on 12volt
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Fully programmable
  • Two year warranty
  • Completely automatedPowerful Lake Deicer for marinas-Significant Reduction in Operating Cost
    Based on local electric cost, each deicer consumes $55 per month in electricity. Average savings of $275 per month for every 5 deicers replaced with the 360 OscillatorAll de icers come standard with a 50′ power cord. Cord lengths available from cord lenghts up to 300 ft long.  Motor sizes are available in 1/2hp 3/4hp and 1hp

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