Kasco versus The Power House Review – Deicers – Bubblers – Circulators – Water Agitators

1. Kasco model 3400 has 36 lbs thrust and The Power House P750 has 28lbs thrust. What that means is Kasco has more flow and will push water further which will give you more clearing area for duck hunting. Very important in clearing ice in wind conditions.

2. Kasco cage pulls water flow 360 degrees past the impeller so there is less restriction to water flow. The Power House unit pulls water through a shroud and the motor is inside the shroud with four brackets. This creates a restriction to water flow and debris clog up in the shroud especially corn stalks. Which means a person has to wade out in the pond and clear the obstruction, while trying to hunt.

3. The Kasco Model 3400D with a 100ft power cord weights 45 lbs and The Power House P750 with 100ft power cord is 50 lbs. Our Kasco unit weights less and is easier to carry and transport then the Power House unit. Kasco units are less expensive to ship.

4. Our Kasco Model 3400D with a 100ft uses a number 14 wire which meets code and the Power House uses # 16 which does not meet code. The Kasco unit has less voltage drop. It is important to have the proper voltage to the motor to prevent motor failures. With lower voltages you have higher temperatures in the motor which may causes premature motor failure.

5. The Kasco Model 3400D De-icer has a propeller design for maximum pitch and thrust for that model. On our Kasco 2400 we uses a different propeller designed for it. The Power House uses the same propeller on all three models so it is not design for each motor torque and speed. So it is less efficient in performance.

6. Our propeller is easy to change by undoing one bolt and dropping our cage. It most cases to change the Power House unit you must remove the motor from the shroud. This takes about 15-20 minutes to change. Kasco takes five minutes to replace a propeller.

7. Kasco units are easier to repair, cost less to repair, and are a better value to the customer. The Power House units are more labor intensive to repair.

8. Kasco De-icer units use larger starting capacitors which means when the motor starts it we snap up faster to running RPMs. This is very important in cold weather. This means less starting amps for a shorter period of time. Less ware and tear on the rotor and stator. The Power House uses smaller rated capacitors and when pulling water through the shroud because of restrictions it takes longer to come up to full running speed.

9. The Power House only has one warranty station in the US. Most of all warranty product must be shipped back to the Power House. Kasco has 93 Authorized Repair Centers in the US. In which 20 Are Authorized Warranty Repair Stations. Kasco offers superior customer service for De-icers, Water Agitators and every other product we sell through which helps shorten downtime if there is a unit failure.

10. Kasco has de-icer specialist with 30 years of de-icing experience on rivers, lakes, and ponds. Two of the outside regional sales personnel are duck hunters who understand the business and know the sport. They are available for customer support and application assistance.

12. Kasco has greater name recognition in the US because we have been around for over 40 years building quality products, and offering superior service. Kasco started as a de-icer company from day one. No company today in the US and Europe have the knowhow and experience we have it building this type of equipment.

The Power House has only been around 31 years and does not have complete product lines like we do. The Power House was a Electric Motor distributor who decided to build de-icing equipment.


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