Purchase Sling Mount De-Icer[/button] As you may have noticed by now, we are not your typical de-icer, bubbler & water agitator sales company. We have been experts in the de-icing arena for years and offer better options for commercial and residential deicing. We offer all of the traditional De-icer mounting options along with a variety of innovative mounts that are available only from us. Take a look at all of the possible ways to mount your de-icers below to learn more!

Sling Mount (Suspension Mount)

Deicer Sling MountThe traditional mounting method for our deicers is by way of the sling mount. With a sling mount, simply take the two slings (included with each deicer purchase) and tie them to your dock or pier–allowing your deicer to drop 6 inches from the water bottom. The slings are currently positioned at equal distances away from each other to allow for a more vertical water flow. If you’re looking to adjust your water flow a bit, simply reposition the slings a bit closer together and the machine will create a more horizontal flow.

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Dock & Piling Mount

Kasco Marina Dock Piling Mount Deicer The dock and piling mount for your deicer is a simple option for most waterfronts. Simply find the best location on your dock and bolt it into place. To get the most production out of your deicer, you will want to position your dock mounted deicer halfway down your dock system and approximately 6 inches from the bottom. It’s secure design gives all the support your de-icer will need for year round usage.

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FreeStanding Frame

Freestanding Frame winter deicer mounted The Freestanding frame gives you a similar mounting style as you would see with some of our standard type of mounts. BUT with this option you have the ability to easily change the angle of your deicer and lock it into position. you have the ability to have a very large expanse free and clear of ice, and open water all winter long. Its also nice because You don’t need to have a dock or any other type of sea wall or pier. Watch the VIDEO at the bottom of the page for a demonstration.

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Horizonal Float Mount

Horizontal float mount for water circulator de-icerThe Float Mount option will allow you to effectively move water horizontally. Simply attach your deicer to a float mount and tie it to a dock or pier or even by way cinder blocks…it’s that simple! The float mount can be positioned anywhere in your waterfront–with the understanding that you will have to tie it down with the two ropes (included with your order). The float mount is designed to handle all different deicer motors (up to 1 hp).

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360 Degree Oscillator Mount

Get up to 4 X more coverage area per de-icer used with the Oscillating Mount!

Oscillating De-icer mount
Adding the 360 Oscillating Attachment to a single Deicer will reduce the number of deicers needed and save thousands in operating costs! Convert your existing unit or buy the complete package with your choice of De-icer. LEARN MORE & SEE VIDEO

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