Save your pond and fish from the perils of ice and snow this winter with a Kasco De-Icer or Robust-Aire diffused aeration system. By mixing and upwelling warm, bottom water to the surface, our de-icing products will create and maintain an open water area in your pond which can protect fish and other living organisms from winterkill.

Healthy DO levels will help your pond and fish health throughout the winter and they will have a jump start when Spring comes and temperatures start to rise. Ice prevention also provides areas for ducks and geese to gather and escape predators. By simply moving water, Kasco de-icing systems limit the risk of supercooling since no splashing is actually taking place.

Kasco De-Icers from Weeders Digest are Arctic Proven and constructed of marine grade stainless steel and thermoplastic components for years of cost-effective, energy-efficient operation.

Fully saltwater compatible and the Arctic proven, Kasco De-Icers are the cost-effective, energy efficient solution to your ice damage problems. Offering a multitude of mounting options from rope/cable suspension to floating operation with the Horizontal Float to a variety of angle and depth options with the Universal Dock Mount & Our 360 Degree Oscillating Attachment designed to reduce the number of deicers needed and save on operating costs. Learn more about the Oscillator Attachment

Things to Consider When Shopping for De-icers:

  • Pond Size (2% of Surface Area Needed to be Open)
  • Power Type and Location
  • Water Depth
  • Length of Winter and Average Temperature

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